Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Richard Ramirez

A Los Angeles transient known as the Night Stalker, Rich was captured in Boyle Heights, a Latino neighborhood, by an angry mob after he attempted a carjacking. His good looks made him a crowd favorite. His Metal head-gone-Satanist image made him a cult figure. Like Manson, he is an unrepentant photo-oppurtunity-type killer with a bevy of female followers.

He enjoyed breaking into houses and calmly killing, raping and partying all night long. He would smoke big, fat joints of sinsemilla as he strolled around his victim's homes playing his AC/DC tapes, spraying satanic slogans on the wall and raiding the fridge. Once he took out the eyes of a woman with a spoon and mailed them back to the crime scene the next day. While in jail he fixed his teeth and tattooed a pentagram on the palm of his hand to flash during court appearances. After getting the death penalty, as he was lead out of court, he exclaimed, "See you in Disneyland!"