Thursday, March 27, 2008

Routines Military Workout

Military fitness...going to go way back to my army days with this one. Military fitness is a funny thing, I dont know if its more about fitness or mind power.

When I was in the military, sure it paid to be fit but it was more important to have mental power. The power to know that whatever the guy next to you was could do more. The mental fitness of knowing that unless something physically broke, and was unable to could keep going.

For example, your running hard and then wham! the puke monster hits. The normal person would stop and say thats it. Not the military man, no sir. Puking is just phase one, you still have to go through dizzy, black out and then pass out before your done.

Now dont get me wrong, Military fitness is an oxymoron with some troops. MIR COMMANDOS STAND UP! The basic requirements to get into the army, thier standards of military fitness are:

Minimum Performance Objectives Men Womens numbers perspectively:

Test Item
Under 35 years of age 19 9
35 and Older 14 7

Under 35 years of age 19 15
35 and Older 17 12

Hand Grip (kilograms)
Under 35 years of age 75 50
35 and Older 73 48

Under 35 years of age 6 3
35 and older 4 2

This is all you need to achieve military fitness in the
canadian army pretty easy stuff. But like I said the real test of military fitness, or any worthwhile endevour in all in the mind....
Here Is A Military Style Workout Routine I Do Often

Commando Workout Beginner Version
With Ray Burton

Based on Commando Cardio

You can see how to do most of these exercises in the commando videos here.

Condition level: Beginner
Exercise type: High lactic acid threshold training
Commando Workout Goal: Fat loss, coordination, strength, and stamina
Commando Workout Duration: Three months, 3 times per week
Session length: 30-40 minutes
Commando Workout Atmosphere: Hardcore

Commando Workout Indoor routine warm up:

Quick 3-minute jog
Arm circles 30 seconds each way (forward and back) while hopping back and forth on toes.
20 squats
20 toe raises
20 jumping jacks
20 pushups


Lunge side
Lunge front
Low squat
Forward calf and hip flexor
Bent over lower back and hamstring
Cross body back and shoulder

Exercises and sequence:

Pushups continuous for one minute, hold the top position if you cannot continue.
Sit-ups continuous for one minute, hold the top position if you cannot continue.
Pushups 20 repetitions (reps)
Sit-ups 20 reps
Pushups 15 reps
Sit-ups 15 reps
Pushups 12 reps
Sit-ups 12 reps
Body weight (B.W.) squats 1 min
V-ups 30 seconds (sec) This is a sit up where both the lower and upper body come off the ground to meet at a point above your stomach.
Alternate forward lunges 1 minute (min)
V-ups 30 sec
Burpee’s 30 seconds From the standing position, squat down and shoot your legs back so that you are now in the push up position. From there pull your legs back in stand up and jump with your arms overhead.
Side to side lunge

Skip rope for one minute

B.W. squats 1 minute
V-ups 30 sec
Low position squat holds (5 second bottom holds) 1 minute
Mountain climbers 30 sec While in the push up position pull your legs in one at a time so that you are essentially running in the horizontal position if you go fast enough.
V-ups 30 sec
Side to side lunge 30 sec

Skip for one minute

Pushups 25
Arm circles 30 sec forward than back Keep thumbs pointing down.
Pushups 15
Arm circles 30 sec forward than back
Pushups 10
Arm circles 30 seconds forward and back

Skip one minute

V-ups 30 sec
Squat thrusts 30 seconds Almost like the mountain climber but while in the push up position both legs are pulled in and shot back at the same time.
Jumping jacks 1 min
V-ups 30 sec
Knees high jog 30 seconds
Butt kicks jog 30 seconds Running on the spot while kicking your own butt!
Side crunches 30 per side

Finishing ab routine

Hip rolls x20 Raising the hips and tailbone off the ground, a reverse crunch.
Crunches x20
Static hold bridges for 1 minute Basically a pushup position but you will be resting on your forearms instead of your hands, just hold it!
Repeat circuit 3 times with no rest.

Outdoor routine:

· Periods of light jogging followed by sprints (2minute jog, one minute sprint)
· Every 5 minutes break for push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks or lunges.
· Depending on location chins and bench dips are optional
· Total run time would be 30-40 minutes