Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Andrei Chikatilo

The Soviet Hannibal Lector. As a kid Andrei's brother was taken by the villagers and eaten during times of famine. Or so he was told. This sexually impotent dirty old man from hell killed children with impunity while he lived a quiet married life as a teacher.

Chikatilo lived in Rostov, 500 miles away from Moscow, where he prayed mostly on children. He stalked many of his victims in train and bus stations and had a penchant for disembowelment and mutilation. He was also a cannibal and a sadist. His macabre twelve-year killing spree was uncovered in 1982. Previously he was taken in for questioning and let go when police found blood and seman of a person does not necassary have to match. There are rare exceptions, one of which is Chikatilo. Free again, he continued on his path of destruction. While he was on trial, his glory description, psychotic behavior and litany of horrors gave the Soviet public their first taste of serial mayhem. Andrei was executed in 1994.