Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nazism & Aryans

Following the years of slaughter and the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany, many high ranking Nazis were put on trial in Nuremberg for war crimes, particularly pertaining to the Holocaust. The world was shocked to discover not only a lack of remorse, but also a perverse pride of achievement. To this day the psychotic behavior of the Nazis has not been adequately explained to the world at large.

The Nazi movement grew in a time when many new philosophies were breaking the surface of consciousness. Prominent among these theories was the cult of Theosophy, which explained the development of Man through racist theories of Evolution. It was taught that certain pure bloodlines were destined to rule over and control the lower races in order to evolve human consciousness to that of the Gods. Theosophy developed from the Rosicrucian "Secret Doctrine" which taught that the leading bloodline, the Holy Grail bloodline, was descended from the Historical Christ. Indeed, the Nazis believed the entire Germanic people belonged to these prehistoric bloodlines, which originated from the ancient Aryan tribes that inhabited parts of early Europe. It was believed that these tribes directly descended from the ancient Gods, and the prehistoric super-civilization of Atlantis.

Adolf Hitler gained enormous popularity when he took racist and occult ideas to the ordinary German people that had previously been exclusive to the European aristocracy and the Rosicrucian secret societies of the Holy Roman Empire, such as the Knights of Malta and the Dragon Court. Hitler claimed that as Aryans, the German people were ready to be initiated into the deep occult and alchemical mysteries, and so evolve their consciousness to become the Master Race. Hitler and Heinreich Himmler, the head of the SS and Gestapo, even chose a sacred Rosicrucian symbol, the Swastika, as their emblem. However, the Nazis would remain in service to the Hidden Masters of the Grail bloodlines, as their feudalistic occult doctrine dictates.

In 1934, shortly after achieving power, Hitler declared "We shall form an Order, the Brotherhood of the Templars around the Holy Grail of the pure blood".

Lanz von Liebenfels, a leading member of the occult fraternity, wrote to a fellow conspirator "Hitler is one of our pupils, you will experience that he, and through him we, will one day be victorious". In fact, it was Baron von Sebottendorf's Occult Thule Society that originated and financed the ultra-right wing German Workers Party (GWP), which eventually became the National Socialist Party (the Nazi Party).

A leading member of the Thule Society was Dietrich Eckart, to whom Hitler dedicated his influential book "Mein Kampf". Eckart organized rituals involving "gifted" Russian peasant women, where it was said "ectoplasm" would manifest from their genitals and take the form of spirits. Eckart ran a publishing company and was responsible for printing and distributing the inflammatory "Protocols of the Elders of Sion" document to Russian White Army troops and the German People, creating the myth of a Jewish Global Conspiracy that ignited anti-Semitism. Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy movement had predicted the coming of a "new messiah to usher in a New Age", and having met Hitler in 1919, Eckart was convinced that Hitler was "the one". Hitler was soon given the leadership of their "German Workers Party". Eckart wrote to a friend in 1923 "Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. We have given him the means of communication with Them. I shall have influenced history more than any other German".

Following the First World War, the German people had immediately deposed the Kaiser (Emperor) and established the German Republic. However, many revolutionaries and democrats, such as Rosa Luxemberg and the Spartacists, were assassinated by the aristocracy and the right-wing. In order to appease revolutionary urges within the German people, who had suffered so greatly during the First World War, the aristocracy merely named their occult-inspired ultra-nationalist political party "Socialist". But this had absolutely nothing to do with Socialism, which is wholly inclusive and non-racist, whereas the Nazis were exclusive and completely racist, believing they were the Master Race.

The recently published "Resisiting Hitler" tells the tale of the heroic young American woman Mildred Harnack, who along with her German husband Arvid, belonged to a small group committed to fighting Hitler from within Nazi Germany. Mildred wrote to her mother in 1931, in the wake of the Nazis' unethical election gains, "The group calls itself the National Socialists, although it has nothing to do with socialism, and the name itself is a lie. It thinks itself highly moral, and like the Ku Klux Klan makes a campaign of hatred against the Jews". After a brave life of fighting the Nazis from within, Mildred was guillotined, while her husband was impaled on a meat hook. Shortly before her death Mildred wrote, "Despite everything, I look back gladly on my life. The darkness was outweighed by the light. And this is largely because of our marriage... Our intense work meant life was not easy for us, and the danger of being overwelmed not slight. Nonetheless, we remained living human beings".

Through the reunification of the Holy Roman Empire, Hitler's Third Reich would enable a Restoration of the feudal system ruled by the rightful "Grail" and "Dragon" aristocracy, with the Aryan people as their new initiates. All other races would either be exterminated, or would be their slaves. It was believed that ultimate world domination would allow for the culmination of the historical pursuit of the aristocratic and occult secret societies:

A New World Order and a New King would evolve from the purification of the world, and a literal Second Coming would be achieved as the King became a God.

Julius Evola in his respected book "The Mystery of the Grail" notes "The Middle Ages awaited the hero of the Grail, and expected that the head of the Holy Roman Empire would become an image and a manifestation of that "King of the World"... the invisible Emperor was to become also the visible one. And the Middle Ages would be "middle" in the sense of "central"... the invisible, inviolable center, the sovereign who must reawaken, the same hero, avenging and restoring." The Nazi swastika, and the neo-Nazi cross within the circle, are symbolic of achieving this state of "axis mundi" (center of the world), or "Rex Mundi" (King of the World), as the aristocratic occultists choose to perceive it.

And when this state--magickal, social, and political is achieved... what then? Perhaps SS chief Heinrich Himmler revealed this in his infamous 1943 Posen speech to his SS elite:

"This will enable us to create the preconditions for the entire germanic people, and for all of Europe, led, ordered, and trained by us, the germanic people, over generations, to resist the fateful struggle with an Asia certain to break forth once again. We don't know when that will be. When the 'mass man' arises on the other side with 1 - 1.5 billion people, then the germanic people with its, I hope, 250 - 300 million people, together with the other European peoples, for a total of 600 - 700 million people, on a perimeter extending the Urals, or, in 100 years extending over the Urals, will carry on its battle for life against Asia. Woe, if the germanic people should fail to resist in this struggle. That would be the end of beauty, and culture, of the creative power of this earth. That is the distant future, that is what we are fighting for."

The First and Second World Wars were regarded as Holy Wars by these conspirators. The demonic behavior of the Nazis and their consequent refusal to show remorse or concede guilt for their crimes can only be understood in the light of their strange occult beliefs. Beliefs that are just as pervasive today within the numerous extreme right-wing organizations.