Sunday, March 23, 2008

Genetic Engineering

Serious investigation into genetic engineering began with the Nazi scientists in 1930's Germany. The Rosicrucian and Theosophy inspired beliefs of the Nazis stipulated that a human being's potential, or lack of it, lay in their hereditary blood.

Today, this racist belief is still held to be true by many prominant and influencial people. It is this cynical view of Humankind - that specific races are different not only physically, but mentally and behaviorally - that leads to injustice, social inequality, and genocide.

At the turn of the last century, the middle and upper classes were strongly supporting the Eugenics movement, as they saw their financial and social position being threatened by an increasingly militant, educated, and organized working class both in Europe and America. Eugenicists claimed that as the working classes bred more rapidly than the middle classes, they would by force of sheer numbers eventually take over. The father of the Eugenics movement, Thomas Malthus, recommended the culling of non-white peoples and white people of lesser stock. By the 1930's intellectuals such as Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley in their early works were strong supporters of Eugenics. Although after the application of these beliefs resulted in the horrors of the Holocaust, these and other intellectuals quickly reversed their theories.

The Nazi scientists who began genetic engineering as we see it today escaped trial for their inhumane experiments and promptly were offered employment within the growing military-industrial complex. The CIA's "Operation Paperclip" of which Henry Kissinger was involved, helped Nazis find positions not only in military research but also within the commercial pharmaceutical industry. American pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. had been running the US military's biological weapons program since the start of war, and many Nazis and the results of their Death Camp experiments were eagerly harnessed. Worse still, not a single Japanese scientist was prosecuted for war crimes, even though their victims numbered ten times those of the Germans, and included American and British POWs. The entire Japanese medical research from "Unit 731", which opened in 1935 to intensify work started since WWI involving horrific experiments that included vivisection, were handed over to the CIA in return for immunity.

As the Cold War raged genetic scientists were instructed to create new biological weapons for overt and covert use. As secret science advanced at supersonic speed, genetic engineering became the cutting edge arena. Today, one of the leading laboratories in genetic engineering is the "Roslin Institute" in Roslin near Edinburgh. They are solely responsible for the major advances including the first interspecies hybrid of a goat and sheep, the "geep", and are leaders in the field of cloning techniques. Their early studies concentrated on chickens and pigs, now known to be a key reservoir of many retroviruses, which were previously unknown to science until the discovery of the human leukemia virus (HTLV) and HIV/AIDS.

Strangely, the small town of Roslin contains another little heard of building "Roslyn Chapel". This church is the actual "Mecca" of the Rosicrucian/Freemason world, and was built by the occultist Knights Templar in the 15th Century.

It is still owned today by one of the leading Holy Grail bloodline families, the Sinclairs, and was often pilgrimaged to by leading Nazis prior to World War II. Perhaps it's no coincidence that the occultist, Hitler's deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess, flew to Scotland in the failed coup against Winston Churchill and George VI during the war, and that the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry published literature by Germany's Dr. Franz Kallmann that "rationalized" the killing of "defective persons", sparking Racial Purity laws and the Holocaust.

The modern genetic engineering community, backed by some of the biggest corporations of all time including Du Pont, Bayer, and Monsanto, are apparently continuing in the direction of their feudal system advocating forefathers, the Nazis. As geneticists scour the world patenting newly discovered genes, they claim an "invention" of one of Nature's resources. Indigenous peoples bizarrely find that they are breaking international trade laws when they continue to create their age-old natural medicines for use in their communities. Under World Trade Organization (WTO) laws sanctions could be brought against the countries that do not stop the illegal use of these patents. The genetic colonialization of the Earth's natural resources by transnational corporations, owned by the same historical power players, is the not-so-unexpected echo of feudalism that permeates the consciousness of the Western world.

As conflict rages against ownership of the human gene sequence, those who control the genes will control the world. And those who control the scientific community and its opinions repeatedly block any criticism and voices of dissent.

Announcements from the scientific community that HIV/AIDS is a naturally occurring disease that resulted from simian "consumption or husbandry" have come under attack from many quarters. The first to ring alarm bells was Dr. John Seale at the start of the epidemic, who saw the pattern of the initial spread of AIDS paralleling that of an earlier epidemic of "Parvo II", a previously unknown dog virus that similarly exploded out of no-where simultaneously on three continents, just as AIDS was doing. This dog virus was later proven to have been spread through contaminated dog vaccines. Any opposition to the official party line, no matter how convincing or esteemed the source may be, is immediately shot down as heresy by the AIDS scientific establishment.

Their official version is the equivalent of pointing the finger of blame at the Polynesians for the environmental damage caused by nuclear testing in the South Pacific, or indeed, any future devastation caused by a nuclear war.

An article in Britain's "The Guardian" newspaper (Sept 23, 2000) revealed how American anthropologist James Neel introduced a virulent strain of measles into the Yanomani Indians of Venezuela in the mid-60's on behalf of the Atomic Energy Commission, who previously ran the "Manhatten Project" and according to released archives, field-tested numerous biological weapons on American cities, which caused wide-spread illness, and several fatalities. Leading anthropogists also believe that Prof. Neel was conducting research to isolate a "leadership" gene, which would survive "natural" disaster by the process of natural selection. According to Neel's own memos, the Yanomani Project was "an outgrowth and continuation of the Atomic Energy Commission's secret programme of experiments on human subjects". Prof. Neel believed that in modern societies "superior leadership genes would be swamped by mass genetic mediocrity".

The scientific community continually attempt to avoid suspicion and accusation for any negative consequences of scientific progress. The American biological weapons program was equal to its nuclear counterpart in size, cost and secrecy. Just as the threat of thermo-nuclear destruction is the consequence of such projects, AIDS, Ebola and more, are equally the result of a century's research and development of biological weaponry. To not reach this conclusion would be to deny the archival facts of history. To suggest that biological weaponry concentrated solely on bacterial-based applications such as Anthrax, which was already developed and in use by the end of World War One, and not push forward into the understanding and use of viruses, cancers and genetic hybrids is to suggest that science has not moved forward. Fantastic developments in aeronautics, space travel, and indeed all the sciences, do have their equals in biological science and genetic engineering.

It may be no coincidence that the deadly Ebola virus emerged simultaneously with the HIV/AIDS virus. While confronting the first Ebola outbreak in Yambuku, Zaire in 1976, CDC "virus hunter" Dr. Joe McCormick later analyzed these blood samples, and discovered the earliest evidence of HIV infection (0.7 percent of the samples). The second major outbreak of Ebola 19 years later and 600 miles away in Kitwit, Zaire, involved a virus "virtually identical" to the Yambuku strain. The lack of mutation suggests the exact same virus had "re-emerged". Puzzlement was shared by numerous experts who "had expected greater differences because viral strains from different locales tend to vary" said the CDC's Dr. Brian Mahy. To date the source and origin of Ebola remains unknown, despite extensive research and gathering of animal/insect specimens. However, it has been revealed by former deputy head of the Soviet biological weapons program Ken Alibeck in his book "Biohazard", that the Ebola virus quickly appeared in the American and Soviet biological weapons arsenal.

Israeli scientists (Kalinkovich et al) at the International AIDS conference in South Africa disclosed that their latest research indicates the possibility that HIV is race-specific to black Africans. A certain protein in African DNA appears to make them more susceptible to the virus, which they believe may be a factor in the rapid spread of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

Intriguingly, neo-Nazi white supremacist David Duke posted an article on his website several weeks prior to this startling revelation by the Israelis. Duke claimed that genetic research being carried out by Israeli scientists would allow them to develop race-specific biological weaponry that could be used against the Arabs. Clearly this is an attempt to discredit the Israeli scientists' findings about HIV/AIDS, and point a finger of accusation at the Jewish people for developing race-specific lethal viruses. A common Nazi propaganda tactic was simply to reverse the truth, which creates a counter-belief, or at the very least, doubt. The Western world's beliefs about the HIV virus may just as well have been shaped by the racist propaganda and lies of the Nazi Third Reich.

AIDS is currently devastating Africa, whose population is decreasing for the first time in 500 years, and who have not seen such horror since the holocaust of Slavery. Life expectancy is dropping from 70 to 26, and the recent achievement of freedom in South Africa, now sees the Black majority become the dependent minority. Attempts by Africa to produce inexpensive generic AIDS drugs have been aggressively opposed by the West, and trade sanctions that would bring further suffering, poverty and hunger have been threatened.

The head of UNICEF declared at the Durban conference "The response by the West towards AIDS in Africa has been almost unbelievable".