Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DC Snipers Are Patsies

6-30-06`The June 16th headline in the Houston Chronicle reads "Malvo claims responsibility for 4 more shootings".

The DC Sniper scam goes on. The Little George Administration wonders why no one believes them on Iraq, Iran, domestic issues or anything. Simple. Mess like the John Allen John Malvo DC Sniper scam. People do not believe what is coming out of the trials. Malvo took the stand against John Allen in Maryland and made many outrageous statements and says he, Malvo, expects nothing in exchange for his cooperation. If that makes sense then it makes sense we believe the Neocons had nothing to do with September 11 or the USA murdering 100,000 innocent civilians in Iraq for no reason. John Allen is convicted of murdering the sniper murders in Maryland on the testimony of John Malvo. Sound flaky? Yep. Ten people are murdered and the only witness is the other guy charged in the murder spree?

The Bible says you got to have three eye witnesses to convict a person of murder and the most dramatic and horrible murder spree in my 60 years one seventeen year co operator is the only person who says in very convoluted testimony John Allen was the triggerman. How lame can you get?

John Allen murdered people and John Allen was manipulated via mind suggestion to ask for a ransom in the DC Sniper hits, but John Allen and John Malvo did not have the skill or the equipment to pull off the DC Sniper hits. All thinking people know this. All thinking people know September 11 did not happen the way the Administration said 911 happened. All thinking people know the Little George Administration invaded Iraq and have ordered the murder and are responsible for the murder of 100,000 innocent Iraq civilians for no reason. Thinking people know if the USA invades Iran or manipulates Israel to do so or manipulates a Mid East Explosion by pushing too many of Egypt's buttons it is for no reason and against International Law and the US Constitution. What amazes me is Little George acts if people believe the mess coming out of his Administration.

12-07-03 The real DC Snipers Are Sniping in Ohio to convict their patsy Malvo

Pee Dee Wolfowiz, or some other equally mentally ill Neocon in the Little George Administration, is up to his old tricks. Pee Dee is the guy who ordered the DC Snipers to kill to intimidate Congress to give Little George pre-emptive rights and attack Iraq last year. Now in the most bogus trial in the history of the United States the seventeen year old patsy sniper John Malvo is on trial and Wolfowiz probably has ordered al hit team to do some more sniping in Ohio to intimidate the jurors and all connected to Malvo's trial to convict Malvo. The only reason I blame Wolfiwiz for this ridiculous scam is Wolfowiz is the most logical mentally ill player in the Little George Administration to come up with such an outrageous and illogical unbelievable scam.

In the process of throwing the Malvo trial Wolfowiz is proving Malvo is a patsy. The snipers are sniping in Ohio to nail Malvo as the DC sniper. Make sense? This scam is truly stupid. Malvo is in jail. Manipulating another to snipe in Ohio is basically saying Malvo and Allen are patsies. True the Ohio sniping's may remind the jury of the horror of the DC sniping's and may sway them against Malvo and Allen. But the bigger message is these guys are patsies. If Neocons conquer the world boy is the world dumb.

Malvo's lawyer is no better than the real DC snipers and is part of the conspiracy and if the world ever proves Malvo is a patsy Malvo's lawyer should be indicted as a conspirator and if convicted get the same punishment a triggerman gets for murdering in the DC Sniper case. In this case with no evidence against Malvo, except a totally illogical makes no sense confession which was not even a confession in which Malvo's lawyer should have been present during interrogation but was not, Malvo's attorney has now gotten Malvo to confess with a plea of temporary insanity. Good grief. That is not a defense, that is a railroad job. And why is Malvo going along with this BS? Probably Malvo has been told if he does not go along with this railroad job Wolfowiz will have his mother killed. Remember Malvo's mother was hustled back to Jamaica when Malvo was indicted as a DC sniper? Why? To use her as blackmail material if Malvo did not confess. No Malvo confession, Malvo's mother in Jamaica is killed. Also Malvo's mother would have been a super character witness for Malvo. So the bad guys had to get Malvo's mother out of the country. By the way it is my guess Malvo is not just a good kid, but a great kid. Only a great kid would shoot a guy five times a near point blank range and not kill him. It is my guess Malvo has not killed one single person. Maybe there is even some money thrown in for Malvo's mother if Malvo goes along with this zioni$t scam. Malvo is supposed to have the sniper skills to shoot a person at three hundred yards at dusk and leave absolutely no trace. Get real. I was given my first gun at six and have been around guns all my life, sixty years, and of course I would not want to, but I simply do not have the gun skills to do something like this. Malvo, this seventeen year old kid, had never held a gun in his life before Allen talked Malvo to go on a trip to DC to find Allen's kids. Wake up America. John Malvo is a patsy. What hatred is in the hearts of zioni$t communi$t bad guys to do anything to get us in a war in Iraq, but it angers me for idiots to get us in a war in Iraq with this DC scam.

When the people go along with this hustle it guarantees more Wolfowiz ordered murders and intimidations. The people get the horrible DC Sniper murders and because the communi$t$ zioni$t$ which run this country get away with their BS by playing the race card and nailing a patsy, the bad guys do it again in Ohio. By the way. Gun laws are tied in to this deal. Coward communi$t Pee Dee will be ordering Freeh's zioni$t useful idiot hit team to do more school kid murders to get gun laws passed. zioni$t communi$t$ are horrible. Homeland Security is nothing more than a treasonous new form of government which Congress has funded SINCE 1995. We get a Warren Commission type cover-up of September 11 because the bad guys don't want to get caught. Cheney gives us a choice. Investigate Sept. 11 and we will give you more Sept. 11s. The power outage and the California fires were supposed to be more terrorist attacks to be blamed on Arabs but no one is buying Sept. 11 or the DC Sniper BS so the zioni$t communi$t$ decided not to blame the power deal and California fires on Arabs because not one person in the USA or the Universe would buy it. I hope the real DC Snipers are caught and I can't wait to see Malvo's lawyer twitch with them, when they are convicted fair and square.

11-19-03 Malvo's Trial Begins

No one would admit they were the DC Sniper. This so called confession was made without Malvo's lawyer present and this jibber jabber really makes no sense. "I pulled the trigger in all the sniper attacks." What does that mean? Does it mean in his fantasy dreams he pulled the trigger in all the sniper attacks? Malvo has not admitted to killing anyone. "I intended to kill them all." Again are we talking hypothetical make believe dreams or real life? Again Malvo has not admitted to killing anyone. A seventeen year old kid who has never held a gun before from Jamaica shoots at a guy six times from like 30 feet and does not kill him all of a sudden becomes a cold hearted hit man shooting victims at night without a night scope at long distances leaving absolutely no casings or clues and this cold hearted hit man all of a sudden admits to what, jibber jabber? Malvo definitely did not kill Linda Franklin because an eye witness said he saw an Arab type kill Ms. Franklin. We do not know the context of these questions.

A laptop found in Williams car with a map. We have jumped from Malvo to the older guy, Williams, to convict Malvo in the press. The Muhammad BS name is designed to conjure up a connect to Arabs and the media changing Williams' name to Muhammad is more clandestine force fantasy to convict the bunch because of the Iraq war. Where did the map on the laptop come from? The laptop could have had the map on it when Williams stole the laptop and logically the laptop was a plant to convict the patsies from day one. Malvo did not know how to use a laptop and I doubt Williams knew how to download a map to a laptop. What Internet connection did they use to get the photo because they did not have a scanner to copy a map. What electrical connect and telephone line? Remember these murders were going on when Congress was debating whether or not to give the President power to attack Iraq so the people who wanted the USA at war had the motive to order the DC Sniper murders. Why would a seventeen year old kid kill all these people around DC? No motive. Williams hated his ex wife and logically he may have killed some people in Alabama and Washington state for money and out of hate and anger, but Malvo had absolutely no motive and this brainwash BS is simply BS. These guys are patsies. This patsy set up deal is important because it shows that the New World Order thinks the American people are idiots and can be manipulated to believe any garbage they tell the media to lay on us. Excuse me, my position has nothing to do with liking Malvo and Williams but if the bad guys get away with this set up job their confidence will build and they will lay any ole BS on the people whenever and their next zioni$t communi$t hustle will probably include a lot more than ten of us being murdered.


The older sniper alleged DC Sniper was convicted yesterday which is good news because the guy is obviously very bad news. This does not change the fact he is a patsy for the real DC Snipers. What convicted him apparently is the connect between grooves in the lead which killed the victim and the grooves in the rifle found with Williams. What I have said from day one is the grooves cut in the rifle bore of the found rifle were cut in the rifle bore by the same tool used to cut the grooves in the rifle bores used by the real snipers. I guess this groove deal will be the heart of the prosecution to nail the younger guy Malvo. It is no big deal to re groove a rifle bore and proof of what I say is sitting in the evidence room in the form of the found rifle with Williams and Malvo, the AR-15. By the way I do not think Malvo killed Ms. Franklin, the FBI analyst, at all, so his conviction is going to have to be as contrived as the entire DC Sniper murders. Her murder is unbelievable and a case all its own beyond the beyond. There is an eye witness to Ms. Franklin's murder who said the killer was an Arab type, and not Malvo. The prosecution is going to great lengths to discredit the eye witness. Prosecutors are saying Malvo was brainwashed. Actually Malvo was brainwashed as a kid not to kill people and that is why Malvo shot a guy a close distance six times and did not kill him. We live in a world of deception and this DC Sniper deal is deception pure and simple. The real Snipers did a lousy job setting up their patsies. If it weren't for the media doing such a good job covering up the real snipers this case would blow the Administration out of office in mid term. Have you noticed how few facts are being given the public about the trial? Its a cover up. Malvo and Williams are simply not the real snipers.


Before the rifle given to alleged DC Snipers, ie "the patsies" and found with them when they were arrested was re grooved to match the grooves in the bores of the guns used by the real snipers

What is unusual about this AR-15? Everything. There is not a scope and thus the rifle is not an effective sniper rifle, the tripod is unusual on an assault rifle of this nature and was probably added to give the rifle the illusion it was a sniper rifle, when in fact it a close range assault rifle effective to possibly fifty yards max without a scope.The rifle is not very well designed for anything and yet it is made to look as if it will work in many shooting situations. The real snipers made this"patsy" rifle a composite to fit all the different types of shooting conditions of their murders. The real snipers used several different rifles and possibly even a .223 pistol, all re grooved alike to match the thrown down rifle for the many different murder situations. Actually this rifle is so unusual it will lead to the real snipers. Trace the tripod and it will lead to the tripod used by the real snipers. What I have said time and time again which is important, the rifle held in the evidence room can prove the rifle is a throw down. This rifle had to have had new rifling cut in the barrel's bore to match the rifling of the real sniper rifles and an examination of the thrown down bore sitting in the evidence room will prove what I say is true. The proof the alleged snipers are patsies is sitting in the evidence room. The idea this rifle was used at night to kill at long range is BS. Malvo shot a guy six times at short range and the guy lives to testify against him. And the laptop computer with all the info to convict the alleged snipers is another bit of the illogical set up proof the ones' charged are patsies because they did not have the electricity or know how to make the entries on the laptop computer. No scope and if the alleged snipers did put a scope on the rifle where did they sight in the scope? This rifle is designed for shooting many rounds fast. Many of the murders were single shots at night at long range which could have only been done by highly trained profession hit men killers, and not a hyped up kid with no gun experience.

The made for TV movie the DC Sniper made several points which proves the movie was designed to nail the patsies on trial and cover up the real planners' set up the patsies' mistakes. The car that the alleged snipers were driving when they were arrested had a hole in the left side of the trunk alleged to have been used to shoot out, the auto a traveling deer blind type deal, facing the trunk, and the hole was too far to the left and too high up on the vehicle for a person in the trunk to shoot a rifle from the trunk. Of course a rifle could not have been fired from the trunk anyway because there would not have been enough light to allow sighting, but good James Bond type of BS. But anyway, in the movie the hole was moved to the center of the trunk and just low enough to match the tripod, and in the cover-up movie the new position would have given a shooter enough room to shoot. No ear plugs found on the alleged snipers, but who cares in this fantasy world of New World Order deception.This hole was cut in the truck by the set up artists and the alleged snipers merely woke up one morning to find the hole and shake their heads, what the heck is going on. Also in the made for TV movie there was effort to discredit the young black guy who said he saw an Arab type guy shoot the FBI analyst. Since the media named Williams Mohammed there has been an effort to blame the sniper shootings on Arabs from the get go. It would be logical for the real snipers to costume to look like Arabs in case they were seen so it is my guess the black kid really did see the real sniper kill Ms. Franklin, but the movie went to great lengths to depict this kid as an unreliable rapper type with braids to discredit his story. Because of the deliberate hit of the FBI analyst, she was shot from a distance of 50 FEET, clearly an indication she was a target and not a random victim, this leads me to believe Louie' Freeh's school kid get the guns away set up team are the real guys behind the DC sniper hits. Also it is logical the real planners of the sniper hits would have the alleged snipers stopped by police 10 or 12 times because the real planners wanted to keep a close lease on their patsies, to be arrested when the time was right.


Administration starts their frame up of the DC snipers this week with a movie made for TV being aired Friday night, October 10. Moose came out with his book about a week ago. And Americans think we have a fair legal system when the Administration can present the case they want Americans to hear regarding their pasties on a movie made for TV and a book. What is really amazing about the California recall is the voting machines were rigged. No way the vote totals are correct. The recall did not pass by 57 percent and Schwartznegger did not get 47 percent of the real votes. Rigged voting machines is democracy zioni$t communi$t style and why our fine soldiers are being deliberately sent to their death. How evil can you get.

7-25-03 Government tries Malvo in the Press. Article in newspaper regarding Malvo starts off "Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo told prison guard he shot teenage victim to anger Montgomery County, Md. Police Chief Charles Moose and that he had intended to shoot an entire busload of children, the guard testified Thursday." This revelation which may or may not be true but should be suspect because it will dovetail nicely with Moose's book and movie which the government is scheduling to release during the trials to convict Malvo and Allen in the press and cover the fact these guys are patsies for Wolfowiz's Himmler types who are the real snipers. Makes no sense, if Malvo is the real sniper would confess to a guard for a piece of fish and also the threat of killing a busload of children is so different from the mode of operation of the real sniper(s), who killed randomly, single shots, many at night, from long distances, leaving no clues, also Malvo had no reason to believe shooting a child would call for Moose's response until after the shooting in which the media showed Moose's anger over the targeting of a child. "Fasting before Mission" ties nicely to Arabs & all this bazaar inadmissible info, or at least it should be inadmissible unless the communi$t$ have completely corrupted our legal system, seems to be from the fantasy mind of comrade Wolfowiz and designed to make up the minds of the people in the press the guys are guilty. Logic dictates to my mind the DC Sniper case will act as a forum to take our guns away. Isn't comrade Little George amazing, gives award to Charleston Heston and then works as hard as can be to take our guns away. The New York City Council shooting of a Councilman who was against guns could be manipulated by Wolfowiz's Himmler types in an effort to get our guns taken away as the communi$t$ ratchet up manipulated high profile shootings to peak during the DC Sniper trials which they hope will result in gun laws to take our guns away.

7-17-03 The newspaper stated today the trial of the 42 year old, John Allen, is scheduled to begin October 14, and the trial of the 17 year old, John Malvo, is scheduled to begin November 10. It may be the game plan is to nail the 17 year old as the sole DC Sniper patsy. Bring out a bunch of stuff in the trial of the older guy that incriminates the younger guy, and seal the cover-up via Moose's movie and book which will coincide with the trials.

7-11-03 John Allen, the 42 year old DC Sniper suspect, may have his trial moved out of DC suburbs. This case is getting highly confusing because at one point in time the media announced the young DC Sniper suspect, John Malvo, was going to have his case tried before a judge and Malvo's attorneys had waved Malvo's right to trial by jury.

7-9-03 DC Sniper Patsy Update. Moose is a happy camper. The Maryland ethics commission, obeying orders from Neocons, comrade Perle and comrade Wolfowiz, have given Moose permission to publish his book and come out with a movie during the trial of the 17 year old kid from Jamaica. Aren't comrades Perle and Wolfowiz amazing. What a lame bill of goods sold the people. The lone person who will be convicted for the DC Sniper murders will be a 17 year old kid who had never held a gun before arriving in the USA, shot at a guy at close range hitting him five times and did not kill him, and yet the people of this country, through a book and a movie sanctioned by the Neocons during his trial and totally unAmerican because it makes a mockery of our Justice system, will be blaired to believe this kid is a profession hit man that killed six or seven of his victims with a single shot, many at night, without a night scope, with an assault rifle, leaving absolutely no clues, and escaping in a government type white van, near military bases. The assault weapon and the new rash of school kid type manipulated killings going on around the country are designed to coincide with the sniper trials and designed to get our guns taken from us. This 17 year old kid professional hit man theory is about as believable at the lone gunman theory in the murder of JFK, which, as all with it know, Big George is alleged to have been in charge. Because Big George got away with the JFK murder, allegedly, one successful murder opens the door for communi$t$ to use murder as a regular means to get what communi$t$ want in the USA. Little George got his right to attack Iraq for any reason because the DC Snipers murders, which coincided with Congress debate on whether or not to give Little George preemptive strike privileges, which are totally unConstitutional. This DC Sniper deal, put on by Big George's New World Order and the Straussians is incredibly important, and the reason the New York times types media are keeping it on back pages, because the Straussian DC Sniper Patsy Story helped put on what will lead to World War III, and it will help the communi$t$ take our guns from us.

6-24-03 The lawyers for John Malvo, the DC sniper patsy, have decided to have Malvo's case heard before a Judge and not present Malvo's case to a jury. Another indication Malvo's attorneys are not representing him properly. The motive for waving the trial by jury is to keep the facts away from the public and let Moose's book and movie, which will not obey the rules of courtroom law and just say what the Straussians want the public to believe, and convict Malvo in the media The way the case is being tried coupled with a probable massive Nytts Blair of the facts when the case comes to trial via Moose's book and the movie is more proof Malvo is a patsy & our country and legal system is tainted. Remember the DC sniper murders gave Little George war powers to attack Iraq, a big motive for the Omega Agency to hire professional snipers & cover them with Malvo as their patsy.

5-21-03 The Neocons will do anything to keep from getting caught. Big George's NWO wants Charles Moose to write a book and sell movie rights on the DC sniper case, both we know will be scheduled to come out during the trial of John Malvo and John Allen, Big George's DC sniper patsies, so the case will be tried in the media and convict the two based on New World Order bs and propaganda found in the book and the movie, and not fact - the entire mess designed to obstruct the justice of a fair trial. Moose, dancing the New World Order jig, filed a suit to force the ethic's committee to allow him to write a book and sell rights for a quickie movie to be released?,just in time?, to nail Big George's patsies and of course Big George's rigged legal system will be all to happy to agree and Moose will be granted the right to direct the verdict of the case via the book, movie and Neocon lies.

4-22-01 3-22-01 Seattle Washington article, tied to John Allen? There is an interesting legal case which came out of Seattle five or six years ago which I have forgotten the facts other than it was controversial. It crossed my mind the Force may have bumped into John Allen during this Seattle trial and kept a mental note to use Allen at another time.

4-21-03 John Malvo's attorneys appear to be working for the people who pay them, the state of Virginia or the federal government, and not their client, John Malvo, because the media disclosed Malvo's attorneys positions today which should allow the so called confession to stand against Malvo, which will convict Malvo for murders the New World Order committed. "Do I get to see my attorneys?" and "My attorneys told me not to say anything to the cops until they get there." will be ruled as not a clear demand by Malvo for his attorneys to be present, and since the prosecution has Malvo's attorneys testifying that their client said them, the confession will be ruled admissible. Of course we do not know what Malvo really said to the interrogators. The statements do not make sense and could have been fabricated by the prosecution and Malvo's attorneys to nail Malvo. Malvo logically would not make these statements because his attorneys were not there for the interrogation. Logically Malvo would be asking the interrogators, "Why aren't my attorneys here?" Why were not Malvo's attorneys there?, is the only logical question. Since they weren't there, and they should have been, obviously nothing Malvo said should be used against him. The entire deal smells. Leaks to the press. Nothing makes sense. With this case being tried in the press no one has explained why Malvo's attorneys were not present for this interrogation.

This latest newspaper article reveals Malvo is not the real DC sniper, to my mind, when the article states Mr. Malvo chuckled and found it amusing that a bullet he fired and missed the boy he was aiming, the kid swatted as if it was a bee. Now the prosecution says Malvo previously killed people at long distances at night without a night scope, and yet he misses an easy target in daylight. Doesn't add up to being the real sniper. So far I am not convinced Malvo killed anyone. Period. The murders in Alabama and Louisiana are said to have been committed by Allen. Also I do not interpret the X on the Miranda rights document the way the article does. In one breath we are told by the prosecution Malvo is so smart he keeps incriminating evidence on a lap top computer, and now Malvo is so illiterate he signs a document with an X. Logically the interrogators told Malvo, "Just place an X here to sign that you have not received your Miranda Rights, nothing you tell us today can be used against you. See your X means anything you tell us cannot be used against you." "You promise." "Sure." "Just put an X here and it means anything you tell us can't be used against you." This trick causes the American people to loose their personal freedoms. Thirteen cold blooded murders solved incorrectly with a rigged confession and a bee story. I think the bee story is funnier.

It boils down to a frame job. No one would confess to these crimes. Who has the motive? Surely not a seventeen year old kid. Tried in the press. The DC snipers gave Little George war powers to attack Iraq. Now that is a motive for thirteen sniper murders in Washington, DC if you are a zioni$t. Not a hit, but a miss. The New World Order gets away with murder again. I don't buy this confession job one bit. Malvo is a patsy. Lousy shot. No evidence in thirteen murders except one rigged confession. War powers on the line. A guy saw the murderer of the FBI analyst and he is ruled a fraud. BS. Attorneys working against client by not being present for their client's interrogation. Attorneys working against their client by saying Malvo said this & that, and Malvo's attorneys know they are effectively testifying against their client when they do so. I hope you know the reason the New World Order picked a black illegal alien as a patsy is because they knew he would easy to convict. Do you realize what racism is costing you? Your money. Your freedom. The USA. The DC sniper manipulation & patsy job is another September 11. Smaller, possibly, but another every important dirty deed which keeps us between the lines on the road to us becoming destitute slaves. Do you want to know what a communi$t society is? This Malvo case. Rigged legal system. Lawyers intimidated. If and when the people allow Malvo to be convicted for thirteen murders on a bee story, the people are promoting what they fear. communi$m. zioni$m. We give the New World Order confidence they can do Sept 11, DC murders over and over and get away with them. It irritates me that the New World Order can sell this mindless, no brain, tripe. And I though Yale was for smart people and something special.

1-21-03 - At this point in time I do not feel the guys the New York times type of media declares as guilty until proven innocent, John Malvo and John Allen, are the DC snipers. Instead I feel they are most likely patsies for the real sniper or snipers. On this web page I hope to look a DC sniper facts as they hit the news, try and understand the news, in an effort to determine the truth. Almost never do I use the words, President Bush, or ex-President Bush, the father, and instead identify them with words like Little George & Big George.

Most big time detectives in attempting to solve murders look almost exclusively at MEANS, the ability to perform a murder, and MOTIVE, a reason for murder. Personally I feel questioning authority is American. Giving the wrong guys the needle I feel is un-American. Do I think Little and Big George had prior knowledge that a clandestine sniper (s) would murder 10 people in a Washington, DC murder conspiracy in which a couple of black guys would be set up as patsies? Probably not. MEANS: In my opinion there is a clandestine force, call it an evil cell of the CIA, FBI, DEA, or whatever, and this cell operates with very high tech equipment and can murder and can do all kinds of things. Basically there may be many evil cells which can do most anything. It is logical to my mind that a clandestine cell, CIA, or whatever have/had the means to do the DC sniper murders.

I do not use the word *Mohammad* to describe John Allen, the 42 year old guy the media says is one of the two DC snipers, because I do not believe Muslims consider John Allen a Muslim and in my opinion the media gave John Allen the name Mohammad to create prejudice against him & convict him in the press. I do not believe John Malvo or John Allen had the necessary means to do these DC sniper murders.

An assault weapon is not a sniper rifle and the two did not have the necessary equipment to pull off the long range murders at the time and place all the murders took place. John Malvo is only seventeen years and it is proven he could not hit the broad side of a barn with a gun. Malvo and Allen did not have the equipment, the knowledge of Washington, DC, or training necessary to kill all the innocent victims. The so called murder weapon found with Malvo and Allen does not make sense as the murder weapon in many of the murders. There are too many people who saw a white van, and associated the white van with the sniper get away vehicle, and Malvo and Allen did not have a white van. Allen did have some military training with an AR-15, but remember, investigators say they have basically no evidence against the older guy, John Allen, and incredibly the case against Allen is based on his association with the seventeen year old, John Malvo. For these two to be guilty, logic dictates evidence should be against the older guy, John Allen. MOTIVE. The seventeen year old has no motive at all. The 42 year old has a partial motive, anger over a divorce, but then again investigators have no evidence against John Allen as being a DC sniper.

A clandestine evil CIA cell does have a motive. They do what they are told to do. The DC sniper murders happened as Congress was debating whether or not to give Little George war powers to attack Iraq. The more Congress debated the more the DC sniper killed innocent victims around DC. The DC sniper murders helped Little George get war powers to attack Iraq out of Congress. After Congress gave Little George war powers to attack Iraq DC sniper murders slacked up. DC sniper murders and the catching of Malvo and Allen before the November elections helped Republicans. The DC sniper murders helped Little George establish his case that the United States could be attacked by random murderers and supports his position on Homeland Security & gave him war powers to attack Iraq. A law suit against the exact type of gun which the media has said Malvo and Allen used, an AR-15, was going to the jury at the time of the DC sniper murders and the jurors voted against allowing this type of gun in the US. A another law suit was filed against this gun manufacturer as a result of the DC sniper murders this week. There has been a constant attack against guns in the US.

So clearly a force in the United States has a MOTIVE to manipulate the DC sniper murders, get the guns away from the people. Both John Malvo and John Allen are Black, and John Malvo is an illegal alien. In my opinion there are those in politics which play the race card and also the illegal alien card to manipulate support for their positions. This is a motive to set John Malvo, Black and an illegal alien, and John Allen, Black, up as DC sniper patsies, because there are some who would assume Malvo and Allen are guilty because they are Black, and one is an illegal alien.

When one compares the MOTIVES & MEANS of John Malvo and John Allen with the MOTIVES AND MEANS of a profession sniper cell of the CIA or some other clandestine cell & the Motive of a zioni$t force which wanted war powers for the President to attack Iraq, & help win November elections, gather support for Homeland Security and to take guns away from the people, clearly to my mind the evil clandestine cell of the CIA ordered by a zioni$t political force has the much greater MEANS and MOTIVE for being responsible for the DC sniper murders than two Black no bodies.

I have said for years the school kid shootings were manipulated by a force which could have manipulated or have been responsible for the DC sniper murders. It is possible an evil cell hooked in the some clandestine force manipulated Malvo and Allen to do these shootings, and/or Allen is a clandestine CIA actor in the murders setting up Malvo, but at this point in time I think there are other shooters involved in this DC sniper murders.

The sequence of the murders indicate professional hit men doing the killing followed by the last few murders designed to set up Malvo and Allen as patsies. No shell casings. No clues at all in the first six or seven murders followed by murders with clues which could have been planted and point directly to Malvo and Allen.

The media reported evidence on a laptop computer clearly convicts Malvo and Allen and yet the two were living out of an automobile and there was not a power source to operate the laptop and neither of the two could operate a laptop computer.

Basically the entire case is being tried in the press and is based on a so called confession made by Malvo when his attorney was not present. This entire confession should and probably will be thrown out of court at the trial and when one considers Malvo has not been in the USA that long and the English spoken in Jamaica is different than our English and infomation received which implicates Malvo to the DC murders could have been the result of language confusion and duress.

John Lee Malvo, 17 year old, Black illegal alien from Jamaica

John Allen, Black 42 year old guy who lived in the state of Washington. Previous military experience shooting AR-15. Investigators say they have basically no evidence against Allen as a DC sniper. He is charged because of his association with Malvo. Back ass backwards. Logic dictates it should be the other way around.

The cases with real evidence against Malvo and Allen, eye witnesses, have been when they stealing.

Robbery - A Paul LaRuffa, 55, Clinton, MD, was shot six times at close range, with an AR-15, robbery, the seventeen year old, John Malvo, probably responsible. For a young kid who can't hit the broad side of a barn, as this robbery and shooting indicate, to turn into an expert marksman nearly overnight, shooting victims once, many at night, without a night scope, seems to me, not possible.

Shell casings were not found and now news reports state shell casings have been found. Sounds like some force is making up evidence against patsies as the case proceeds. No details have been given the public relative to shell casings. Shell casings are very important to this case and information on shell casings should be given the public.

Malvo's mother deported to Jamaica. Why? Seems as if she could be valuable in determining the truth.

Malvo's so called confession happened when his attorney was not present. Very suspicious in a case of this magnitude.

Language differences a reason for confusion & may have played a role in the so called confession. Malvo from Jamaica and may not have understood what he was saying to investigators. Many people in Jamaica are illiterate and Malvo not going to school when he should have would cause one to assume he is uneducated & not experienced in much of anything. Jamaicans do not speak English as it is spoken in the US.

Not logical Malvo confessed. No person accused of being a DC sniper would confess.

To my belief a $10 million dollar extortion attempt is logical from guys who have stolen, as Malvo and Allen have. However a $10 million ransom scheme does not mean Malvo and Allen are the DC snipers. It is my belief and understanding piggy back extortionists are fairly common relative to heinous crimes in the news. Malvo & Allen motives for past crimes have been motivated for money, not for political reasons, like the DC sniper murders seem to be of a political terrorist nature.

White van part of witness stories of DC sniper shootings & Malvo and Allen did not drive a white van.

The person discredited as having seen the murderer of the FBI analyst, and his description of the vehicle and murderer had no resemblance to Malvo or Allen or their vehicle, may have been in fact credible, and he is being discredited in an effort to set up Malvo for her murder.

FBI analyst murder from 50 feet. More like a hit than a random killing.

How did Allen and Malvo get from Louisiana to New Jersey? Who else is involved?

All evidence against Malvo that has come out so far COULD have been set up evidence & Malvo and Allen could have been manipulated like Freeh's thugs manipulated school kid shootings, and for the same reason, get the guns away from the people.( so the fa$ci$t$ can steal from an unarmed America & make us their Homeland Security slaves.)

So called murder weapon. Because of die lots no way to say recovered .223 AR-15 was is the murder weapon. An assault weapon is not a sniper rifle. Lack of shell casings indicate single shot or bolt action rifle could have been the murder weapon.

Murder of FBI analyst from a distance of 50 feet could indicate a .223 pistol was the murder weapon, and not an assault rifle. It also to points a cell in the FBI as the real DC Sniper hit team. Kill an FBI employee to divert attention away from FBI as being the real DC Snipers. Indicates the amaturish nature this entire DC Sniper conspiracy. Indicates someone stupid like Pee Dee Wolfowiz engineered it.

No eye witnesses make case against Malvo and Allen very weak. All other cases against Malvo and Allen there were eye witnesses. I don't think the real snipers were Black. Eye witnesses would have spotted & sensed a Black sniper, in my opinion.

Case is being tried in the media. Too hush, hush. Weird transfer of info.

The weapon said to be the murder weapon, the 223 AR-15 rifle, can be proven to have been tampered. The bore of the barrel had to have been machined down and new rifling's cut in the barrel. Proof of what I say is true, a conspiracy, is sitting in the evidence room.

Thinking about the DC Sniper conspiracy has got me thinking about the JFK conspiracy. Here are some of my thoughts on who killed JFK.

11-19-03 Kennedy Conspiracy

There is a book about Big George Bush which alleges that he was in charge of the murder of JFK and this makes sense to me since I consider him a very bad guy and he would enjoy doing something horrible like this. There is something going on now that I find very interesting for a couple of reasons. After forty years a group of JFK conspiracy theorist made a movie which clearly supports the Warren Commission's Lee Harvey Oswald lone gunman theory. Why a new movie 40 years after the JFK murder which supports the lone gunman theory? Isn't this JFK murder complex? Robert Kennedy may have been manipulated to go after Hoffa as part of the plan to blame the Mafia for JFK's murder and it is interesting this story is hitting the TV streets just as this new JFK movie hits the TV streets. Is Big George getting nervous that he may get nailed for killing Kennedy after all these years and had the movie made to clear him? I don't know but he is a coward and he uses TV to blair and cover-up his dirty deeds regularly.

But anyway. I just watched most of the new JFK hit movie that supports the Warren Commission report and I think the secrete service agent riding shotgun in the front seat killed JFK firing a bullet from his pistol near point blank in JFK's head. I have always known Kennedy was killed from a bullet fired from in front of him because it is impossible for Ms. Kennedy to have picked up JFK's brains off the trunk unless he was shot from in front. So there has to be more to this murder than a lone gunman shooting from the book depository. And why shoot John Connally? He was clearly the target of a bullet and not a near miss. The Zapruder film shows the flash of a shot fired from a gun which had to have been fired from within the limo. Connally had to be shot to bend him over so SS agent riding shotgun would have a clear shot at JFK.Also the limo driver slammed on the brakes which threw everyone forward just as the shot which killed Kennedy from the front was fired which would have allowed the secrete service agent to fire a shot into JFK and the passengers would not have seen him fire the shot since they were thrown forward and unable to see the SS agent riding shotgun fired the shot that killed JFK. So the dag on secrete service guy protecting the President sitting in the front seat next to the secrete service limo driver logically killed Kennedy with a bullet fired from his pistol fired by him as he reached over from the front seat across Connally toward Kennedy and fired the shot that killed JFK. Now don't that beat all. A protection guy kills JFK from the front seat of the limo. No wonder Big George's New World Order flew the planes Sept. 11 by remote control and planted nuclear bombs in the towers and planned and executed the sloppiest set up of the DC Sniper patsies one could ever imagine. Big George and the Neocon thugs are convinced they can get away with anything. We can go to the bank knowing the JFK hit is one of Big and Little George's favorite smirks.

I have thought about this JFK murder some since I came to the realization that the secrete service guy riding shot gun killed Kennedy and Big George Bush has reached a new level of low to my mind, and boy is Big George a sicko. The parts of the photos with the secrete service agent aiming his pistol at Kennedy have been doctored to get his pistol out of the photos and hide the flash. Why the Zupruder film I saw still had the flash in beat's me. But when I saw the film I said oh. _hit the SS guy did it. Logic tells us there is no other way to murder JFK. People were in the line of fire between Kennedy and the grassy knoll. Ms. Kennedy knew who killed her husband because she was looking directly at the guy who killed her husband and the noise from the gun going off had to have deafening and that is why she tried to get out of the limo. Mr. and Ms. Connally had to have known the truth but had to keep the truth secrete for they knew their family would be killed if they snitched. Forty years of intimidation and murder and Big George has loved every minute of it. Hopefully the truth of the Bush evil will become common knowledge one day and the people of the planet will reflect upon Bush evil for four hundred years and devise a plan which guarantees that their type of Yalie coward zioni$t communist evil never infects the world again. Do the people want to live in a world in which communi$t mange intimidates everyone? And it is going to get much worse. The New York times type zioni$t communi$t$ are going to use biological weapons on us. Let's say "No" to this Administration that hates America and continually lies to us. God if the people don't have the guts to stand up to this Shrubbish then send a meteor to destroy the entire coward planet.

From the Internet

SAIC of Miami Office John A. Marshall:
"Twice during the interview, Mr. Marshall mentioned that, for all he knew, someone in the Secret Service could possibly have been involved in the assassination. This is not the first time an agent has mentioned the possibility that a conspiracy existed, but it is the first time that an agent has acknowledged the possibility that the Secret Service could have been involved." [HSCA interview with Marshall, 2/22/78: RIF#1801007410393


The most likely cause is inertia due to the limousine having suddenly slowed down. Dr. Luis Alvarez noted in his study [1] that the average velocity of the limousine going down Elm Street sharply decreased just before the head shot. Some researchers have theorized that Secret Service agent Bill Greer jammed on the brakes or took his foot off
the accelerator. Whatever he did, the limousine very quickly changed from an average velocity of about 12 MPH to about 8 MPH just before the head shot. Obeying the law of inertia, passengers in the limo were thrust forward in relation to their previous positions in the limousine. Further evidence of this effect is the fact that the Connallys continued to move forward while President Kennedy was being thrust backwards.