Monday, March 24, 2008

Mind Control

The form of "mind control" accessed by most people is the attempt to control one's own mind, usually for religious or spiritual reasons. Most religions teach that through the control of one's thoughts and desires, one can reach higher spiritual plateaus.

Magickally based teachings approach mind control in the opposite way. That is the control of another's mind. This form of mind control makes up a large part of the teachings of the Rosicrucian "Secret Doctrine". It is this Occult secret order who influenced German intellectuals such as Nietzsche and Schopenhauer who brought these ideas to the outside world. The Secret Doctrine states "A seed-thought thus lodged in the mind of the other person grows and develops, and in time is regarded as the rightful mental offspring of the victim, whereas it is really like the cuckoo's egg placed in the nest of the sparrow... it destroys the rightful offspring of the sparrow". When the Nazis embraced these ideas they developed an incredibly powerful propaganda machine based upon them.

Mind control and propaganda studies intensified under the CIA during the Cold War. The CIA's Dr. Henry Murray carried forward experiments in mind control conducted by the Nazi doctors in the concentration camps. One of his earliest volunteer patients at Harvard in the late 1950's was Jack Kaczynski, who consequently became the infamous Unabomber. The hallucinogenic drug "LSD", first discovered in Germany, was also the result of CIA experiments. Its studied effects mirrored Rosicrucian concepts. The Secret Doctrine teaches that through its occult initiations and practices one can "reach a higher spiritual plane and thus have knowledge and control over lesser beings". The CIA could not have foreseen the cultural effects of LSD upon a youth culture whose world view and morality was the opposite of those of the secret circles and power elite. As a result of this dangerous leak the CIA's mind control experiments became far more secretive, and today are part of the larger military-industrial complex and include the vast resources of the military's DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency).

When the DIA's Major David Morehouse spoke out about his experiences within an elite "remote viewing" unit, attempts were made on his and his family's lives. He was eventually court-martialed, dismissed and spent time hospitalized following a nervous breakdown. The remote viewing unit takes candidates who have displayed psychic abilities; Major Morehouse had a near-death experience after being shot in the head.

Through a rigorous and complex training these military psychics learn to "travel through time and space" in order to spy and gather intelligence.

While this may sound fantastic, it has been documented that these techniques were first used by British military intelligence (MI6) to spy upon the Nazi high command during World War II. Many recent military events have been influenced by this intelligence gathering method. The recent bombing of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in Khartoum, Sudan, was a direct result of remote viewers seeing "Ebola ravished human corpses being cut up inside the plant". The CIA concluded that the Ebola virus was being prepared as a biological weapon that could be used in a terrorist attack against America. The plant was swiftly destroyed by twenty-four Cruise missiles. This factory was the only plant on the African continent capable of producing a treatment for Malaria, which kills millions of Africans every year. As a result of an official government inquiry, a mistake was formally admitted and the factory was acquitted of any compliance in terrorist or Ebola related activity. A law suit against the US Government has been filed by the company. One hopes the CIA's fear of Third World diseases infecting the West wasn't a factor in their "psychic" decision making.

While the practice of "remote viewing" may sound irresponsible, it is not the only psychic weapon harnessed by the military. Indeed, other units exist within the CIA/DIA whose primary objective is "remote influencing". Through this practice of ultimate mind control, agents attempt to possess the mind of the victim, and through influencing his will, control his actions. Bizarrely, attempts are being made to make Saddam Hussein commit suicide. While this may appear strange, it is nothing more than an extension of occult Rosicrucian and Masonic ritual that has apparently been applied by elite circles throughout its Secret History. This "cuckoo technique" is little different than traditional black magic hexing and has been in use since the formation of the alchemical Imperial and Royal Dragon Court. It is rumored that this technique is employed to make victims also commit murder and assassination.

When Major Morehouse broke out of the DIA's remote viewing unit he did so because of his own experiences within Mind. Like the Historical Christ he realized that life was eternal, and that the sufferings of time and space could be overcome if Humanity only chose to. Like the LSD-inspired Sixties revolution, this was not the effect that the military were attempting to achieve. Through controlling his own mind, Major Morehouse had indeed reached a higher spiritual plateau. Yet the new knowledge accessed by him had also informed his moral sense. The Rosicrucian mind control methodology abandons universal ideas of morality and ethics, in favor of a trans-moral and elitist ethic where "he who has control, is destined to rule".

Like Jesus Christ, John Lennon, JFK and Martin Luther King, those who attempt to free the minds of the people, are seen as the enemy of those who wish to control the minds of the people.