Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So, I got into a bit of drama today involving a family member and one of her knucklehead boyfriends

He's a pretty big guy.

But that didn't seem to matter when I pointed an automatic weapon at him.

Seems like Cobra has been goin through alot of drama lately.

But it's all just a part of being The Almighty Cobra Commander.

You see, I have this terrible condition where I, I dunno, you know, I just can't sit back and be taken advantage of and or disrespected in any way shape or form without puttin my foot in somebody's ass for doin so.

It's crazy.

Apparently I was born with this syndrome.

Anybody else suffer from this?

Then, to top it all off.... Im out chillin with my cousin and talkin to one of my homies and his gf is cheating on him.

Or something.

I dunno, him and this bitch he's with have this weird relationship where she fucks other guys, then he catches her and cries about it to me and my cousin, yet still stays with her.

My cousin is really cool with this dude, so he's always buyin him drinks and tellin him to keep his head up cause she aint even worth trippin over.

Now me, my advice is different from my cousin's, yet consistent and always the same.

I say, either break her fuckin neck and spit on her corpse or dump the silly hoe.

But he just wont listen.

What a fuckin sucker.

I wonder how it feels be a weak bitch.

I dunno because I've never been one.

All in all, tonight was a very interesting night.